“Xurcun” Company

provides its client who have an eye for food and give preference to the quality with delicacies and dried fruits with great history, brought from different points of the world and selected with special attention. Our company intends to adhere to this mission in the future.

"Xurcun" chain of boutiques

forms the unity of past and present. Our boutique's main target is the provision of our clients with the goods of high quality at a high level.

Today “Xurcun”

reminds us of pleasant moments of the past. "Xurcun" means fertility, delicacy, abundance, thus we preserve here our most precious and cherished delicacies. Our "Xurcun" not only symbolizes the ancient culture, but also opens window to the future.

From ancient times to the present day Azerbaijan

was known as a welcoming country and is still famous for its hospitality. Our people have tradition to lay the table for guests wholeheartedly and to serve them round. Over the course of history we have been adhering to the traditions passed down to us.